Classical Yoga : Daydreams, Purposeful Located along with the Treat connected with Normal Yoga and fitness By Prudent People connected with Older.

Classical Yoga from the wise ones of old has much to offer for our health, happiness and deep connection to life. When we embrace it, our life will differ from daydreaming to purposeful living.

I remember lying in bed way up north in freezing Fort McMurray, Alberta, daydreaming of floating on my back the warm Caribbean sea. It was my personal favorite move to make way in those days in the seventies.

I would say that in those days I spontaneously resorted to the gift most of us have and certainly used frequently as children.. day dreaming. Within many years of daydreaming I was indeed back the warm Caribbean waters floating on my back. Lacking any inkling, totally clueless, I have been creating my future with frequent daydreams.

Ever since then, we came to understand this daydreaming as visualization. Visualization is among the techniques used to calm your head and body. And believe it or not, it absolutely was recommended as a technique 1000s of years prior to the offerings of the “new age “.

Classical Yoga provides a map on how to live a happy, healthy life, and feel deeply connected. The wise ones 1000s of years ago provided answers to our challenges today. For instance, once we sit to meditate whatever is bugging us that we have pushed to the trunk of our mind will push back. It concerns sit with us. An uninvited guest that will not leave.

Classical Yoga reveals this as natural. Before you quiet the noisy mind some preliminary steps allow it to be easier; like knowledge. Siddhasana steps¬†Once you know who you’re and gain insight into the world, that uninvited guest would turn into a person just passing through, even bearing gifts. In addition it helps to have a garland of virtues around your neck. First two given: ahimsa, non-violence, and satya, truth. That way relationships could be respectful.

This system of Classical Yoga takes it a couple of steps further. You know that tight muscle that appears to accompany the uninvited guest? Well, take care of it when you sit to feel cozy; the system advises. Your physical body should be relaxed otherwise as opposed to feeling cozy like you want to, the mind is likely to be drawn to that particular one uncomfortable spot in your body.

Classical Yoga minimizes the confusion that can occur once we fumble the ball of life. We are fortunate that the insights of the wise ones of old have already been preserved and are available. I am thankful for this.

May you be guided by ancient wisdom as you navigate in and contribute purposefully to the modern world.

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