Electrical Awareness : Manifesting Miracles Via Your own Brain’s Electrical Awareness

The electric consciousness of the mind is a hotly debated topic amongst neuroscientists. But whilst the beautiful naked woman smiled seductively and beckoned him with her finger, David had no doubts in their own mind concerning its reality. The electrodes stuck to his scalp were measuring changes in his brainwaves as he listened to a brain entrainment audio track and his mind began generating vivid imagery. The seductress was a figment of their own imagination but to his body and brain she was real enough.

David knew that the electroencephalography (EEG) equipment attached with his head was measuring fluctuations in the electrical activity produced by his brain. These fluctuations or brainwaves formed a glowing electromagnetic energy field round the brain. The theory of electric consciousness suggested this was the carrier of consciousness itself. This’aura’was where he experienced his sense of self. This is where he experienced life and the sense of being alive. He’d always thought it had been’weird’that his mind didn’t seem to suit inside his head!

Along with his eyes still firmly closed, David silently and slowly counted backwards and downwards from 10-to-zero as he have been instructed to do.

10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…0… relaxing deeper and deeper with every number, he was soon deeply entranced.

The sounds of a stream bubbling and burbling over rocks played through his ear phones. He was unable to know the entrainment frequencies embedded into the audio tracks, but his brain was giving an answer to them. That has been evident from the EEG readout. His brainwaves were being directed by the track, built to correspond to certain frequencies related to paranormal abilities, or heightened creativity, despite genius level insights and breakthroughs.

Of course, David had heard all of this before from less scientific sources. His parents were Theosophists and he’d read many of these books that talked about the human aura. There have been a myriad of esoteric rituals and practices designed to have an initiate into the right mindset to experience exalted states of consciousness¬†acim audio. But these rituals were often closely guarded secrets or impossible to practice and sustain in order to achieve consistent results.

In his deeply relaxed and peaceful state of mind, David suddenly realised something. He could see that he was pursuing his curiosity about neuroscience as an easy way of getting to experience these altered states of consciousness without the need to look for a guru and live a small, inconvenient lifestyle. That wasn’t for him.

Like David, you can discover the secrets of one’s electric consciousness, using a whole selection of mind tools. Neuroscientists are finding out more and more in regards to the brain. New technologies allow interested parties to explore the depths of their own consciousness with techniques that have never been possible before. You do not have to trot off to the Himalayas and gobble rice while kow-towing to a guru. You are able to scientifically explore your own mind.

Using equipment like EEG, neuroscientists have mapped the human brain. They have essentially taken the mind blueprints of the best minds. So let’s say which they wire up several geniuses brains, and cause them to go through some of these calculations, or artistic creative processes. This gives them a snapshot of the brainwave activity of those geniuses. This snapshot is like a template of how to consider such as for instance a genius. With other technologies like brainwave entrainment, they are able to’transplant’the genius brainwave template onto your brain. That is such as for instance a temporary graft. They may design a brainwave entrainment track which carries the particular brainwave frequencies of genius. While you are listening to the mind entrainment audio for instance, the track causes your brainwaves to replicate those of the geniuses. With repeated use, your brain adopts this new frequency template as a habitual way of thinking.

Since David has been experimenting with electric consciousness, he’s noticed his productivity has rocketed. He says he’s much more intuitive, having an uncanny’read’on events before they happen. And his creativity has taken off, notably in his writing, seeing three books completed within the space of a year. And their own spiritual experience, aided by these neuroscience-based explorations, has led him to have extraordinary experiences such as for example astral travel and moments of complete unified consciousness.

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